Data Mining

There are detailed instructions in 4 parts in the zipped file of assignment.

Part 1: Installation of Python

Part 2: Data Cleaning 

Part 3: Data Exploration

Part 4: Customer Segmentation

Please follow the instructions and modify the code provided to analyze the customer segmentation in the Olist dataset. 

Please submit a Data Inspection Report and Data Descriptions (in Excel) and Marketing Strategy Proposal Based on Customer Segmentation (in Word - 2-4 pages).

There is an example of a Data Inspection Report. You shall add more descriptive statistics of data.

In the proposal, you need to analyse the current customer segmentation following the instruction in Part 4. You can also modify the code to do additional investigations based on different segmentation methods information, brand Please use diagrams analysis to describe your findings of the current status of the business and provide corresponding marketing strategy suggestions based on your analysis results.



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